Garden Maintenance



The appearance of your gardens and lawns is the very first impressions your prospective guests will get about you.  This can mean the difference between them wanting to stay you or whether they keep driving up the road to a competitor.

We have a dedicated experienced team who understand what it takes to make your resort appealing and we can handle all of your garden maintenance needs including:

  • regular lawn mowing including neatly trimming the edges and clippings removal off site;
  • hedge trimming including heights - there's nothing worse than a crookedly timmed hedg or bushes - we can keep them all neatly trimmed, straight or shaped as required;
  • all chain saw work from a single branch to much larger jobs;
  • gardening including hand weeding and herbicide application where required;
  • establishment of new gardens including supply of rich garden soil, appropriate plants and mulch;
  • irrigation systems - maintence of existing systems and trouble shooting for your current system to ensure your gardens look their best;
  • power washing of paths, drive ways and building exteriors to remove ugly dirt & mould;

When it comes to garden maintenance and construction, you only have to make 1 phone call to 0432 041 889 and all of your worries will be a thing of the past.


Every service is individually priced after an on-site inspection to enable us to best understand your exact requirements.  Our pricing (written) will include all materials if needed and labour to ensure there are no nasty surprises after the job is completed.

We will discuss your needs at time of inspection and will work in with your schedule and gardens requirements.